A1Cs of Afrezza Users

See videos of Afrezza users discussing their improved A1Cs.

Below is a comment of an Afrezza user posted in Tudiabetes.org on 18 November 2015:

“It’s effortless. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again— I had the skills, tools, motivation, and education to maintain an a1c in the low 5s without afrezza— with afrezza I do it without any of those things! It commands about 5% of my life to have perfect control of diabetes instead of 90%. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t tried it— there is a better way, people.”

Here is a comment  from an Afrezza user in Tudiabetes.org on 9 November 2015:

“T1 since 1984 ………..

Hba1C: most recent 6.4, 3 months prior 7.7, 3 months prior 9.4

9.4 was prior to being on Afrezza

7.7 was the day before I got the Dexcom

6.4 was 3 months after the Dexcom

Presently my Dexcom says my 3 month average is at a

5.9, lowest I’ve ever had it. Proof is in the puding as they say!”



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