Afrezza: Ice Cream

Here is an Afrezza user’s comment:

“Afrezza is not instead of basal. In fact, you have to be really stable with your basal in order to use Afrezza effectively. I have a pump for my basal, so I use Afrezza only for meals. With insulin from my pump or shots, if I eat carbs, they raise my blood sugar much faster than insulin can bring it down. Because Afrezza works immediately, I don’t have to worry about those highs. Tonight, I had pasta with vegetables and cheese, I had ice cream and I took 8 units of Afrezza, and my blood sugar was 145 two hours after dinner. If I’d used my pump for that meal, my blood sugar would have been in the 200s for a long time. In fact, I would not have eaten that meal if I had to use insulin from my pump or shots.”

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