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“Just wondering who has problems eating out. I rarely do. Went to lunch with a friend. Had NE clam chowder…about 3/4 cup, and six oysters on the half shell. Figured 30 carbs. With corrections, I have now bolused for 286 carbs-for 3/4 cup of soup. I left the four chunks of potato in the bowl.

WHAT DO RESTAURANTS DO TO FOOD???? I have made decadent chowder and oyster stew—with cream, of course-at home and bolused perfectly. Oysters? Come on.

Do I look at food in a restaurant, decide it is 30 carbs and then multiply by 9.53? Can I ever eat out without all this stress?

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This is where afrezza shines. I spent a week this summer on the river in San Antonio eating all the random tex mex I could handle, didn’t even try to count carbs… Just tooted the whistle and went on my merry way. Think I got up to 170 once when I ate a bunch of pizza. I’m not sure it’s superior when you actually know how many carbs you’re eating— but when you’re eating out or otherwise on the go it is a vastly superior method.

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It shines because you pretty much don’t have to know how many carbs you’re eating… All you need to know is “this meal would require somewhere between 1-4 units of insulin.” Or “this new would require somewhere between 4-8 units of insulin.” The margin of error is enormous….”


Below are quotes from the discussion: How to bolus for a mid-meal decision to eat more than planned

Here is the main question posed in that thread:

If I pre-bolus for my intended meal and then begin eating, but somewhere during that meal, I decide i want to eat more (carbs,etc.), do I need to pre-bolus (and wait again before eating the extra food) or can I just bolus and continue eating the additional food intake?

please share your experiences. thanks.”

Here is a comment in that thread:

“I follow the KISS protocol. (Keep it simple, stupid) lol. Just add the appropriate amount additional insulin and enjoy your meal. If you’re getting off into unfamiliar territory with foods you’re not sure about, do an additional bg test or two after eating just to make sure you’re on track and adjust if necessary.

Btw this is where afrezza REALLY shines because I don’t take afrezza until 20-25 minutes after eating. With a big meal I’ll take one dose at 20 minutes and the second at 40. The ability to eat now and dose later and still have great control is very liberating to me.


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