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Afrezza: cure for hyperinsulinemia?

This was my breakfast today. It was actually eaten in stages cause I’ve been running around all morning. Fasting glucose was 104 (I ate carby stuffy last night with no insulin??‍♀️) I had my Afrezza first. Waited 5 minutes and had the bar. 30 minuted later I had the blueberries. And then 30 minutes later I had the apple. And then an hour after that I had the persimmon. All of that with no issues. Feels so good to be able to eat fruit again. I missed it so much. This pre-insulin is doing a reverse phycology on my body. I have high insulin production when I eat. But by pre-treating with insulin before I eat, it greatly reduces the amount that my tumor produces. So it’s working a crazy way. This is all experimentation. It’s not actual medical board approved therapy. This is a trial run for a month. And it’s working. Normally, this stuff would make me pass out with fatigue for hours. It would give me heart palpitations and it would make me super irritable and I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open.

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