Afrezza: Tips from Users on Titration (Dosage and Timing)

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If you are just starting to use Afrezza, you can post questions (such as titration or any other related issues) to the Afrezza User Facebook Group.  People there are very helpful and responsive. is a new forum run by a group of Afrezza-friendly people.  Quite a few active Afrezza users post on that forum.  Twitter is another platform where active Afrezza users post their results and share their experience quite frequently.

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Afrezza: Medical Publications/Discussions

The Need for Faster Insulin: Problem Solved?

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 2017, Vol. 11(1) 157–159 /
Considerable progress in treatment of diabetes has been made in the nearly 100 years following the discovery of insulin, and advances in insulin therapy have improved convenience, quality of life, overall glycemic control (A1C), and risk of hypoglycemia. An unmet need remains for a mealtime insulin that can faithfully reproduce the metabolic profile that ensues following meal ingestion in healthy persons. A number of “ultra-fast” insulin programs have been initiated, and Afrezza® (insulin human; Inhalation Powder, MannKind Corporation, Danbury, CT) stands as the first such product to be approved by the US FDA. Afrezza is unique as an “ultra-ultra” fast insulin, faster than any other entrant except IV insulin. The benefits and limitations of the Afrezza profile are discussed in this analysis.

Afrezza: Just Breathe – Enjoy the Freedom.

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