Videos of Medical Professionals Discussing/Reviewing Afrezza

Excellent presentation!  Note: registration with Medscape Education is free. It took me just one minute to register for an account.

One Step for Mannkind and a Huge Inhalation for People with Diabetes

Taking Control Of Your Diabetes / Published on Feb 7, 2021

Deciphering the Data on Inhaled Insulin: Implications for Practice

Deciphering the Data on Inhaled Insulin: Implications for Practice

(follow this embedded link if you have trouble getting to the video) 

Super rapid acting insulin and inhaled Afrezza

Jay Skyler MD PhD discusses the prandial problem and the need for super rapid acting insulin, such as MannKind’s inhaled Afrezza

Ask Joslin: Inhalable Insulin

Dr. Robert Gabbay, Chief Medical Officer at Joslin Diabetes Center, answers some of your questions about the inhalable insulin on the market today.

Artificial Pancreas — Ultra-Rapid-Acting Inhaled Insulin

JDRF, Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, and the College of Engineering at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) are pleased to announce the first successful clinical research trial using the artificial pancreas in conjunction with ultra-rapid-acting inhaled insulin.

Mannkind ADCOM public testimony

Apr 1-2014


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