Afrezza: Needle Free (and sometimes Prick Free)

Here is an Afrezza user’s pleasant (needle free and prick free) experience (as described by his spouse) on Afrezza:

“Type 2 diabetic for 7 years.

Previously “maintained” at 7.9 and climbing, despite excellent diet, skinny, mega dose of Metformin and onglyza.

Started Afrezza three months ago.

Had some trouble adjusting in the beginning and used the “Coach” program.

After about a week, started inhaling 10-15 minutes after starting meal (or snack).

About a week after that, stopped checking bg…  No hypos.  No bg tests between then and now.

A1C results from Thursday’s blood test showed 6.1.”

Here is a thread in on the issue of checking blood sugar in public:


“Has anyone encountered any issues with checking their blood sugar or their kids blood sugar in public?

There is a close family member who seems to take offence and says it bothers her and many others that I check my blood sugar with my glucometer and my son’s blood sugar in public. She expects that we should go to the washroom to check our blood sugar except if we are low (of course, my son does not always know he is low unless he checks his sugar so how does that even make sense).
Just curious to other diabetics experiences.”

Here is a comment by an Afrezza user:

“I always avoided doing any of those things in front of just about everyone…. Since I got afrezza it’s gotten a lot easier because I don’t feel near as out-of-place taking a puff off an inhaler in front of others than I do making myself bleed or injecting, and frankly it works so well that I really don’t even need to check my glucose levels, I can just decide on the large dose or the small dose and get on with my life- maybe check a couple hours later to ensure I am not getting a delayed spike…”

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