Afrezza: Quality of Life + Less Stress

This was my breakfast today. It was actually eaten in stages cause I’ve been running around all morning. Fasting glucose was 104 (I ate carby stuffy last night with no insulin??‍♀️) I had my Afrezza first. Waited 5 minutes and had the bar. 30 minuted later I had the blueberries. And then 30 minutes later I had the apple. And then an hour after that I had the persimmon. All of that with no issues. Feels so good to be able to eat fruit again. I missed it so much. This pre-insulin is doing a reverse phycology on my body. I have high insulin production when I eat. But by pre-treating with insulin before I eat, it greatly reduces the amount that my tumor produces. So it’s working a crazy way. This is all experimentation. It’s not actual medical board approved therapy. This is a trial run for a month. And it’s working. Normally, this stuff would make me pass out with fatigue for hours. It would give me heart palpitations and it would make me super irritable and I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open.

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Watch Matt talking about improvement of quality of life after being on Afrezza (discussion of quality of life improvement starts at around 2 minutes into the video).

Below is what Matt says about Afrezza contributing to his quality of life in his latest post: Afrezza & Tresiba Update.

“All of the impracticalities of dosing insulin before a meal are gone. When I’ve eaten enough and I feel full, I now don’t have to force myself to finish the meal. If I want to share food I’m eating with someone else, I can offer it to them without having to explain that I have already had the insulin for everything that’s on my plate.

Cooking is a pleasure now I don’t need to weigh ingredients, or weigh dishes while serving. I no longer have to copy numbers from nutrition panels and look up web sites in order to perform a series of complex mathematical equations before every meal.

I am no longer constantly worrying about encountering another company like HelloFresh again, who provide diabetics with potentially lethal falsified carbohydrate data.

Previously, visiting friends for dinner required them listing all the ingredients and quantities for the meal before it was served. I avoided going to restaurants wherever possible to avoid the impossible task of dosing for unknown meals of unknown sizes being served at an unknown time. It’s an amazing feeling being relaxed for the first time in these settings (visiting friends for dinner and going to restaurants).”

Below is a comment of an Afrezza user posted in

“It’s effortless. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again— I had the skills, tools, motivation, and education to maintain an a1c in the low 5s without afrezza— with afrezza I do it without any of those things! It commands about 5% of my life to have perfect control of diabetes instead of 90%. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t tried it— there is a better way, people.”

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